HRD Vincent Rapide Tank Restoration

Repeat customers must mean we're doing something right :-) This tank was brought in needing restoring to our show quality finish. The images below show how the tank was originally delivered to us hiding lots of dents underneath the very tired paintwork.

Original Top.jpg
Original HRD Logo.jpg

As with the majority of the tanks we restore, this went for chemical stripping and sand blasting to remove any remaining filler and other nasties. Once the tank is returned to us, it was pressure tested and then the inside filled with a rust removing solution to remove any remaining rust. After all the dents have been worked out and fixed as far as possible, the remaining imperfections are filled and then the tank begins the paint process. 

The images below show the various paint stages the tank goes through before the finished article, a vast improvement on where we began!

paint stages.jpg
RH Side.jpg